Epidemic prevention in Hurston Kindergarten | “疫”不容辞-赫斯顿防疫在进


With the sporadic outbreak of epidemics in Shunyi District and surrounding areas in Beijing, Beijing Hurston Kindergarten, in order to ensure the health and safety of teachers and students, strictly follows the standards of epidemic prevention and control, and adheres to the closed management of the entire park.




Before entering the kindergarten, teachers and students need to measure their body temperature below 37.3 degrees, disinfect their hands, and disinfect the soles of their shoes before entering the kindergarten.


In addition to the daily epidemic prevention and disinfection work, every Friday after school, the kindergarten implements a full range of disinfection and epidemic prevention work to ensure the safety of the campus, teachers and students.




Epidemic prevention and control has become the normal management of kindergartens. Let us protect the healthy and happy growth of children and the safety of the campus.


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