Amorous Christmas·Meet you | 风情圣诞·与您相约


2020 is destined to be a particularly extraordinary year from the beginning of the new year. The epidemic has affected every aspect of everyone's life.


In Beijing in December, the cold wind was bitter and the vigor and vigor of the past were lost. People hid in tight coats, bowed their heads and quickly crossed the streets and crowds. But in this quiet December, the school of Beijing Heston Kindergarten is full of a warm atmosphere-and a loving Christmas. Meet with you-Hurston’s children, parents and teachers gather together to celebrate Christmas and New Year. The cold winter brings a strong and passionate heart.



The teachers arranged a warm Christmas tree and decorations, carefully prepared refreshments, and dedicated programs. Santa Claus brought beautifully packaged gifts... Parents put aside their work and prepared wonderful programs with great care. To be able to spend this wonderful moment with children.



The dance, drama, chorus, song and dance performances of children and teachers brought warmth and strength to everyone. The parents' pipa solo, singing and dancing, and drama made the children happy. There is nothing that makes the children happier than the love we have for each other. The hard preparations of the parents and teachers disappear when they see the smiling faces of the children.



The warm interpretation of the children, parents and teachers of Hurston Kindergarten moved everyone there and made Beijing no longer cold and colder this winter. Here, we will take you to review these warmest moments in the cold winter.




On this grand Christmas, children learned about Western traditional festivals through Christmas celebrations, experience happy moments with their parents and teachers, and felt the diverse connotations of Chinese and Western cultures!


Although experiencing the haze of the epidemic in 2020 and the strong winds since the beginning of winter, the warmth and love brought by the romantic Christmas party was enough to withstand the raging cold. This warmth and love will accompany us through the harsh winter until the next When spring comes.


We thank the teachers and the parents who made this day bright. We wish for kindness and good thoughts to our lives.



There will always be sunshine after wind and rain. 2020 is about to pass. May all the bad things in this year be gone with it. May the new year return to world peace and everything will be better!

风雨之后总会有阳光, 2020年就快要过去了,愿这一年所有的不好都随之而去,愿新的一年回归到世界祥和,一切都会更好!



Merry Christmas everyone! Happy New Year! Well-being!


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