Congratulations |喜讯:北京赫斯顿幼儿园正式成为IB PYP候选学校!


​Good news! Beijing Hurston Kindergarten has officially become an IB PYP candidate school!

喜讯!北京赫斯顿幼儿园正式获得IB PYP候选资格!

Since Beijing Hurston Kindergarten submitted the application to the IB organisation, the school has continuously improved in terms of curriculum design, academic staff enrollment, and overall school management. After a diverse assessment from the IB organisation, Hurston officially received the news from their headquarters on September 8th, 2020 that we are now an official candidate school of the IBO (International Baccalaureate Organisation).


Founded in 1968, the International Baccalaureate Organisation is a non-profit International education foundation registered by the United Nations Science, Education, Culture and Health Organisation (UNESCO). It is currently one of the most internationally recognized education systems with the highest quality content.

国际文凭组织(International Baccalaureate Organization, IBO)创立于1968年,是经联合国科教文卫组织注册的非赢利国际教育基金会,是目前国际认可度最高、含金量最高的教育体系之一。

IB programs currently have more than 4,000 accredited schools worldwide. The curriculum system aims to cultivate students' spirit of independent inquiry, open thinking, level of self-management, sense of civic service, cross-cultural communication and other aspects, which makes it unique in the international curriculum. The IB PYP adopts an inquiry-based learning model to cultivate students' lifelong learning ability and spirit of inquiry through six subjects, including language, social studies, mathematics, art, science, personal education and social education, and physical education. It also enables students to have a more systematic and comprehensive understanding of the subjects.

IB课程目前在全球拥有4000多所认证学校。课程体系旨在培养学生独立探究精神、开放的思想、自我管理水平、公民服务意识、跨文化交流等多个方面,在国际课程中独树一帜。IB PYP采用探索型学习模式,通过语言、社会学、数学、艺术、科学、个人教育及社会教育和体育等六大领域,培养学生的终身学习能力和求知探索精神,也使学生在学科上的认知更加系统、更加全面。

During the candidacy period, the IB curriculum resources used by the teachers of Beijing Hurston Kindergarten and the continued strong support from IBO for the school.

we are confident that will provide our students with more advanced learning resources and create a richer learning experience. While actively exploring the integration of Chinese and Western education, we will fully implement the IB education philosophy.All teachers will attend the more professional and systematic PYP training provided by THE IBO.We will strive to become a globally accredited IB school through continuous efforts and with the supervision, and help of the IB authorities, and devote ourselves to helping children become Chinese citizens with a global vision.

在候选阶段,北京赫斯顿幼儿园的老师使用IB课程教学资源,并得到IBO对学校持续有力的支持。IBO官方委派的PYP顾问Navita Kishan将会对幼儿园进行访问并进行教学方面的指导与帮助。我们相信,这将为我们的学生们带来更先进的学习资源,创造更丰富的学习体验。我们将在积极探索中西融合特色教育的同时,全力贯彻IB教育理念。所有授课老师将会定期参加IBO官方提供的更加专业、系统的PYP课程培训。我们将通过不断的努力并在IBO官方的支持和帮助下,努力成为全球学历认证的IB学校,并致力于帮助孩子们成为具有全球化视野的中国小公民。

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