​The Sun is warm but not dry in Beijing in May. Laughter, cheering, shouting, and tender singing filled every corner of Hurston's kindergarten. 2021 Hurston kindergarten "children's song in May" officially opened, by the Nursery class, K1, K2, K3 classes and the whole park English teachers to participate. Multi-function classroom, on the stage, under the spotlight, self-confidence, sunshine, happy, brave, a happy scene, let us review the next high and burning children's songs!
    五月的北京,阳光温暖而不燥。笑声,加油声,呐喊声,稚嫩的歌声燃爆了赫斯顿幼儿园的每个角落。2021年度赫斯顿幼儿园 “5月童歌会” 正式拉开了帷幕,由Nursery托班,K1,K2,K3班及全园中英文老师们共同参与。多功能教室中,舞台之上,聚光灯下,自信,阳光,快乐,勇敢,一片欢乐融融的景象。




Let's relive the high of the Children's songs!




外教老师’s Show Time


High-pitched, cheerful rhythm, accompanied by a foreign teachers from the "Dance Monkey" , our children's songs will also officially began!

    高亢激昂,欢快的节奏,伴随着一首来自外教老师们的《Dance Monkey》,我们的5月童歌会也正式开始咯!





Where is spring? Where is spring? Spring in our Nursery 's lovely singing. Despite the fact that we were the youngest, our little darlings walked confidently onto the stage to win applause for their lifelike Apple song performance.

    春天在哪里呀?春天在哪里?春天在我们Nursery托班小可爱的歌声里。虽然我们的年龄是最小的,但是我们的小可爱们自信满满地走上了舞台,惟妙惟肖的《Apple song》表演,赢得了台下阵阵掌声。





You smile really good-looking, like summer sunshine, the whole world all the time, beautiful like a picture! This song is about our K1A CHILDREN BAR! A song called "Driving in my car" let our children experience a small driver's feeling, "toot toot, we set off! 

    "你笑起来真好看,像夏天的阳光,整个世界全部的时光,美得像画卷!这首歌唱的是就是我们K1A的小朋友吧!一首《Driving in my car》让我们小朋友们体验了一次做小司机的感觉,“嘟嘟,我们出发啦!”





The stars in the sky are twinkling. My wish is like a crystal; my little dream is shining in my heart, and I will become stronger through the confusion of my youth, but there was a confident glow in the determined eyes of the children.






How beautiful the national flag is, rising in the morning glow every day. K1C Class Children Love the motherland, raise their hands, neatly to the national flag salute.




This is K2A children to parents and teachers of a song, "listen to me say thank you. ". The little singer on the stage, with self-confidence and a bright smile, childlike voice through the microphone through out, for us to bring more happiness and touched.


Learning English, speaking English, singing English, integrating English into our daily life is a feature of Hurston kindergarten, our K2A children not only sing well in Chinese songs, English Song "The water song" is also very good oh!

    学英语,讲英语,唱英语,将英语融入生活的点滴是我们赫斯顿幼儿园的特色,我们K2A的小朋友不仅中文歌曲唱得好,英文歌曲《The water song》也很棒哦!



In K2B Children's singing, we feel the traditional Chinese song "Jasmine" , your memories are accompanied by the children's singing, back to their childhood.


The fruit song blinks, waves its hand, bounces! Today, we are all lovely little apples, little watermelons, little lemons, little baby oranges.

    《The fruit song》眨眨眼睛,挥挥小手,蹦蹦跳跳!今天,我们都是可爱的小苹果,小西瓜,小柠檬,小橙子宝宝。



中教老师’s Show Time


Games and singing are children's favorite activities, the children brought us a song in Chinese and English unbeatable lovely, let us enjoy this happy time, carrying endless blessings. Next, turn the camera on our young and energetic team of Chinese teachers.
    游戏和唱歌是孩子们最喜欢的活动,孩子们给我们带来了一首首无敌可爱的中英文歌曲,让我们享受着这快乐时光。Next,将“镜头”转向我们年轻活力的中教老师团队。Foreign Teacher's performance, with our teachers in the beautiful singing, a "youth" to everyone. "I am the same as before that young man has not a trace of change, time is only a test, the kind of faith in the heart has not decreased. ".    
    外教老师的演奏,搭配我们中教老师的优美歌声,一首《少年》送给大家。“我还是从前那个少年  没有一丝丝改变,时间只不过是考验,种在心中信念丝毫未减”。


"One, two, three, four... " accompanied by the slogan, our K3 class of small flag-bearers entered the stage. Although our flag-bearers are not yet able to express their love for the motherland in words, the standard marching steps, the neat ceremony, the small expression of careful flag protection is enough to express our love for the motherland.


The children most look forward to "Action Song" came, K3 class in the little brother, girls led, the audience of other classes also along with the lively music, join one of the DANCE BAR!

    孩子们最期待的《Action song》来了,在K3班的小哥哥,小姐姐们的带动下,台下其他班级的小观众们也随着轻快的音乐,加入其中一起跳舞吧!



所有老师’s Show Time

The Drum beat of the African tambourine, the rhythm of the Electric Guitar, the burning field of the drum set, and our song is coming to an end with the chorus of "Baby Shark" by all the teachers and students. The teachers'careful rehearsal, the children's singing together, the bold performance and the unity of cooperation, for us to present a traditional culture and exotic unique blend of children's songs.

    非洲手鼓的鼓点,电吉他的乐律,架子鼓的燃场,伴随着全体师生合唱的《Baby shark》,我们的歌会也接近了尾声。老师们的精心排练,孩子们的齐心欢唱、大胆表现及团结合作,为我们呈现了一场传统文化与异国风情的别致融合的童歌会。


Through this activity, not only for the children to build a platform to exercise themselves, but also to develop children's self-confidence and teamwork. May Our "little larks" in the future on the road of growth, can fly higher and farther!

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