关于“赫斯顿爱心义卖”活动 家委会召开会议


Love is a spring of sweetness that nourishes the hearts of those who have dried up. Where there is love, there will be light, and where there is love, it is the place where we hope to come.







In order to cultivate children's love and compassion from an early age, to help children establish healthy, loving, positive and correct values, while increasing children's social experience and communication skills. Hurston Kindergarten plans to hold a charity sale on May 25, 2021, at 14:45 pm. The theme is "An old toy for a new love" . The children will bring their toys, books, clothes and other items for the charity sale. We will donate the proceeds of the charity sale or the items sold. Together, we will help the children of the most remote mountain school in the northeast of Shilin County, Yunnan, pass on our love, let them have a happy Children's Day.

    为了从小培养孩子们的爱心与同情心,帮助孩子树立健康有爱,充满正能量的正确价值观,同时增加幼儿的社会体验与交往能力。赫斯顿幼儿园计划于2021.5.25 下午14:45开展 “一个旧玩具,换来暖心新疼爱”为主题的爱心义卖活动。届时孩子们将带来自己的玩具,书籍,衣物等物品进行摆摊义卖。爱心义卖所得的金额或义卖物品,我们都会进行捐赠,一起来帮助云南石林县东北部最偏远山区学校的小朋友,将我们的爱心进行传递,让他们也拥有一个快乐的六一儿童节。




We invited some parentsfrom all classes to the kindergarten meeting room to discuss the related issues of the charity sale next week and learned about the process of the event, the meaning of the donation and the current situation of the poor children.    








Xinjiekou town is located in the northeast of Kunming, the most remote mountain town in Shilin Yi Autonomous County. It has 10 village committees, 29 natural villages and a total population of 20,577. With the rapid development of urbanization, the number of young and middle-aged people in rural areas who choose to go out to work is increasing year by year, and the proportion of left-behind children is about 20% . At the same time, it also brought about a sharp decline in rural school students, the merger of primary and secondary schools to the county, the town school, leaving only the countryside alone in the kindergarten.




Children have no toys, and old cans are the "toys" of their daily Games.




A 20-year-old young kindergarten teacher with two transfer old teachers, the kindergarten has no grades, low fees, can only guarantee normal teaching activities, their teaching equipment, and facilities are very simple.






The two children are cousins named Feng Yanxiong and Feng Yanjun. Their parents work in Guangdong all the year round. Grandma usually takes care of the four children, is very hard. The family's only income is to rely on corn, and a small number of fruit, their economic income is weak and their large expenses. The children do not see their parents for years, when they miss their mother, the grandmother takes the children to their relatives home to video phone call their parents, this way they can see their mother. The children are very sensible, they do not cry, they know that their parents also miss them, and want to accompany them, but it's necessary for their parents to go out to work in order to provide them a better life. They are smart and active, they they're growing very fast!







Chang Gexiao, a little boy, born in 2018, now studying at K2 of Lushuitang Village Committee Kindergarten, Xijiekou Town, Shilin Yi Autonomous County. The child’s hometown is in Shizong, Qujing. The family situation is relatively difficult, so he is a local file holder. Household. Their family came to Zhaihai in 2020, and their parents worked in the Zhaihai Stone Field. Chang Ge Xiao has a total of 4 people in his family, mom and dad and a younger brother, who is 2 years old this year. The only income of the family is to rely on the two adults to work in the stone field. The economic income is weak, the expenses are high, and the economy is very, very difficult. Chang Ge Xiao usually performs well in the kindergarten, smart, lively, and helpful. The children also like to play with him very much. He lives in a shed with his parents, but at least his parents are by his side, which shows that the happiness of children really only requires their parents to be around!




Dong Pingan, a little boy, was born on February 4, 2017. He lives at No. 68, Dazichu Village, Xijiekou Town. He is currently studying in Class K1 of Zichu Kindergarten, Xijiekou Town. He is a young child from a registered family, whose family income mainly comes from a small amount of ginseng fruit. Dong Ping An, he also has an older sister. He is now studying at Xijiekou Town Central Elementary School. His quilts are all those left by his sister at the time. He often wears short pants and the same pair of shoes. He is at home. Lack of toys, often catching bugs in the mound to play, and often catching bugs to play in school. He is very obedient, a little courageous, and he doesn't dare to express his wishes and ideas. His teacher often actively communicates with him and encourages him to express his ideas boldly. He also often helps his parents to do what he can at home.




Huang Yanxi, a little girl, was born on March 5, 2016. She lives at No. 47, Dazichu Village, Xijiekou Town. She is currently studying in Class K2 of Zichu Kindergarten, Xijiekou Town. Her family is in financial difficulties and her mother was very sick. When she passed away, she was only raised by her father and grandparents. Grandparents are now old, and the burden of the family’s life rests on her father alone. Her family’s income depends only on a small amount of corn and ginseng fruit. She lacks maternal love and often wears clothes. It was given to her by relatives and friends. She is a bit introverted and reluctant to communicate with other children. Her teachers often give her a lot of warmth in school, and often take the initiative to chat with children and show her care. She is very sensible and often helps her grandparents with housework in her home.   






Through pictures, videos and powerpoint presentations, parents learned about the current situation of children in the poor mountain areas of Shilin Yi Autonomous County in the Northeast Shilin Yi Autonomous County of Kunming, Yunnan Province. 




The parents' representatives will assist the kindergarten in issuing invitations for the "charity sale" in each class, and mobilize other parents and children to join the charity sale, through their own means, for the children of the mountains to dedicate their small hearts. Let's look forward to the children's performance at the charity sale tomorrow.


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