赫斯顿爱心义卖活动 | 以爱之名 • 让爱传递


As time goes by, our children grow up day by day. Those "friends" who accompany them to grow up are gradually abandoned in the corner. It is a pity to abandon, but there’s no room left for them.


But, have you ever thought about it?


It might seem like an old toy, an old picture book, an old piece of clothing for us, but in a small village far away from here, they might still be of great value.





Act for love in the name of love. Let us help the children from this school in the most remote mountainous area in the northeast of Shilin County, Yunnan. Let us pass on our love and let them also have a happy Children's Day





Before the start of this activity, the teacher led the children to learn about the Chinese currency RMB and its face value. All the children had the opportunity to practice selling and buying in order to become familiar with the process of making a transaction.

    “以爱之名 • 让爱传递”活动开始前,老师带领孩子们认识了人民币及面值,每个孩子分别进行了交易,熟悉了交易的过程。



The children, together with their parents, collected toys, books, clothing, fruits, etc. that were unused at home, and carefully prepared this charity sale. The children’s parents came to the playground early and arranged the booths carefully with the teachers. Children’s toys, school supplies, snacks, everything was ready.





We were blessed with a very beautiful day, nice breeze and pleasant sunshine. Let the selling and buying begin!





The children in the Nursery class were a little shy at first, but with the help of their parents, they also began to try to promote their own "small shop", while eating and selling, having lots of fun!



The activity site was bustling, the children turned into little bosses of their own shops, enthusiastically asking the "little guests" passing by their booth, and showing to everyone  all the  great goods they brought for the event.






The children of K1 were not afraid of the crowds, and stood boldly in front of the booth blowing colorful bubbles and shouting. In their unique way, they attracted a lot of "small buyers". We can hear the bargaining and laughter, and we can see that the "small business" is doing well, a total success.




In front of every booth in the K2 classes, there is a booth "shop sign" carefully prepared by the children and parents the night before. Some of the children acted as little dinosaurs, some acted as magic clowns blowing small balloons, and some acted as little flower girls holding sunflower flowers. “Buy one, get one free” was  a great bargain that their customer couldn’t miss.




K3 班


The children of K3 understood the concepts of "buying", "selling", "renminbi", "price", etc., and independently completed the steps of collecting money, paying, and getting change according to the teacher's instructions.

This time our cute babies are in charge, and the little bosses have done a great job. The children present their love in their own way. Let's give the Hurston Medal of "Love Little Angel" to every one of them.


After the event, our teachers and representatives of the family committee checked and settled the items and the amount of the charity sale for the two days. We will donate all the money and items from the event to the kindergarten school in Shilin County, northeast of Shilin Yi Autonomous County, Kunming City, Yunnan Province.




Charity may have a price, but love is priceless. While providing an opportunity to our children to do something good with their toys they don’t use anymore, they also cultivated their confidence, and communication skills. We aim to cultivate our children's good habits of diligence and thrift since the early years, learn how to share, so that they can experience the joy of creating value and helping others from work as well.



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